Our Process

We believe that ‘everyone gets the time of day’. If you have a question about cash flow give us a call. If you are curious about working with one of our Fast Track CFOs, all you need to do is reach out and we’ll connect with you to find out a bit about your business, share with you additional details on our model, and determine how we can add value to your business by working together. Because we guarantee our model, we choose clients as carefully as we hope that they choose us.

If both coach and client believe that the relationship has merit, then we start a straight-forward process:

  1. Intake session (client and coach get a chance to get clear on the financial goals of the company)
  2. Coaching begins working towards the company (and owner’s) goals.
  3. Monthly model reviews ensuring that targets are being met, the client is doing the work, and the coach is adding value

It’s really that simple. There are no contracts, clear expectations, and a focus on the business owner understanding how money works in their business and how to ‘leverage’ money to grow, become even more profitable, and have a sustainable business model that generates great margins.