Our Model

Our model is a coaching model. We work with clients once or twice a month to understand the cash flow in their business, look at their overhead, their revenues, and what can be done to strengthen the cash flow position in the company. We don’t do the ‘razzle dazzle’ nor is working with us like ‘watching paint dry’. We share with clients a clear understanding of how money works within a company. This is the single most overlooked part of a business. A majority of business owners only know how their business has performed in a given month by how much is left in the business account.

For business owners who are dissatisfied with how money moves in and out of their company or who simply want to tighten up their business controls without having to get an accounting degree, the Fast Track CFO is a perfect fit. For some clients we help them determine what start up costs they need to invest, for others we review their pricing and profit models. For more advanced companies, we discuss creative (and legal) financing options and continue this work to funding R&D activities and making acquisitions. For some of our more advanced clients, we support them in tightening their business model for when they are ready to sell their company or transition it to a family member.

When you work with a Fast Track CFO, you get a strategic coach that works to increase margins, decrease overhead, and give you greater control over the money in your business and your use of it to grow a profitable and sustainable business model.