Our Markets

We work with clients at all stages, from all industries, and with all types of goals. That being said, there are six fundamental stages that we work with clients on.

  1. Start-up: determining which investments need to be made to get a company operational and profitable. We also work with clients in determining their pricing, setting up their accounts receivable policies and show them how to negotiate preferred terms with vendors.
  2. Struggling business models: the company is operating, but not performing at the level the owner wants it to be at. It may experience cash flow crunch, not have the right margins in place, challenges on collections, or have too much overhead.
  3. Sustainable business models: the company is doing well, but not growing nor shrinking. The owner wants to look at the systems of the company and make adjustments to open up revenues in existing areas of business and exploring new lines.
  4. Companies entering a growth stage: the company is performing well and the owner would either like to introduce new business models or expand their operations either geographically, or through new business expansion strategies.
  5. Companies exploring R&D programs: we can work with owners in determining what type of research and development activities they would like to do, sourcing financing to fund R&D, and then commercializing the findings/developments.
  6. Companies where the owner is ready to sell/pass to a successor: there comes a time for every business owner where they are ready to ‘pass the torch’. We can help from working with clients to identify their goals and maximizing value, right through to supporting the transition of the business model.