About Us

Our Fast Track CFO coaches all have extensive experience. We have held positions as controllers, CFOs, financial managers, investment advisors, accounting managers, accountants, and wealth managers.

What we have in common is two fold:

  1. Market experience that allows us to show our clients how to understand and implement cash flow principles.
  2. An unmatched ability in the market to make the numbers make sense for business owners. You don’t need to spend hours trying to learn advanced calculations and theories; we make everything easy, accessible, and applicable immediately. The numbers of a business tell a story that is beneficial to business owners who understand what the numbers are saying.

We have all been forced to sit through boring finance meetings or year ends and wanted the ‘bad man to stop’. Our promise to our clients is that you will learn to love the numbers of your business and use them in the strategic planning of your business OR we will refund your monthly retainer and part ways. If we resemble any of the ‘boring financial professionals’ that you have suffered through, your coaching fee will be returned. Guaranteed!

Our coaching does not lock clients into contracts, and is guaranteed to strengthen your cash flow. This is an unparalleled promise in the market and showcases the fact that 1) we know our model and tools works; 2) we know that business owners who implement the tools will have greater control of their cash flow almost immediately.; and 3) we know that in the first session clients realize that the numbers tell a story and that story is much easier to understand than they thought possible.